Josh Romney, one of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's five sons, gave an interview, published Friday, to the Salt Lake Tribune in which he discussed hitting the campaign trail and described his dad as "frugal," with an appreciation of buying bulk at Costco.

The interview worked toward the Romney campaign's goal of humanizing the nominee, who has been portrayed by opponents and comedians as aloof and elitist.

But older brother Tagg teased him about the profile on Twitter.

According to Josh Romney, he typically only gets "recognized by an old lady or two," but Tagg Romney warned that the rest of the Romney clan is about to make sure he gets recognized for looking like a model in the paper's photo shoot.

Josh Romney called out one of his brothers in the article, too, telling the paper that his brother Matt got to campaign in the tropics while he wound up bundled against the cold.

"While Matt was in the Mauritius Islands with the king putting leis on his head, I was in Alaska holding street signs in negative-40-degree weather," he said.