The Democratic National Convention Committee hosted a "tweet-up" this week in hopes of creating a Twitter event as the committee hosted an in-person walk-through for 18 supporters — each with a wide following on Twitter — of the convention's host locations in Charlotte, N.C.

The committee announced on Wednesday that tweets from Monday's tweet-up, which is an in-person meet-up for Twitter users, reached a combined total of more than 17,000 twitter followers. The 500 tweets sent by the tweet-up participants on Monday stimulated use of the official convention hashtag #DNC2012, doubling the number of tweets using the hashtag in a day. The committee reported that they believe the tweets reached an audience of 481,283, a demonstration of the exponential effect of cheap online publicity campaigns. The committee collected some of the live tweets here.

Analytics from real-time search engine Topsy show a sharp spike in usage of the hashtag, indicating increased chatter on the subject, followed by a modest bump in usage since the beginning of the week compared to the last.

It was the Democratic National Convention Committee's first ever tweet-up, but the White House and governmental agencies have successfully used this publicity device in the past. It allows for large groups or agencies to reach out to select representatives of a larger following.

The Democratic National Convention will take place the first week of September in Charlotte. President Obama will officially accept the Democratic Party's nomination on Thursday, Sept. 6 at the Bank of America Stadium.