In underlining the required distance between an outside spending group and the official campaign on Sunday morning, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) may have gone a little too far--at least according to Republicans.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) and Mitt Romney's campaign jumped on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman's comments about Priorities USA, the main super-PAC supporting President Obama.

Romney's campaign and the RNC are pushing the hashtag #DebbieDoesntKnow on Twitter in response to Wasserman Schultz telling Fox News Sunday she has "no idea the political affiliation of folks who are associated with that super PAC."

Priorities USA, of course, is headed by Bill Burton, a former White House staffer, and President Obama has publicly encouraged donors to give to the super-PAC, which can raise unlimited funds on his behalf without being officially affiliated with his campaign.

But Wasserman Schultz was looking to distance the DNC and Obama from a controversial ad produced by the super-PAC last week, which seemed to link Romney to a woman's death by cancer. In the ad, a former steelworker, Joe Soptic, blames Romney's former company Bain Capital for him losing his job and healthcare prior to his wife's death.

Romney has urged the president to denounce the ad, which fact-checkers have found misleading in its timeline, but Priorities USA is standing behind it and Wasserman Schultz sought to remind viewers the campaign is not allowed to direct the actions of an outside spending group.

“That is a super-PAC ad that is not affiliated with our campaign or with the party," Wasserman Schultz told “Fox News Sunday.”

Following the show, she tweeted: "Clearly Priorities USA is a Democratic SuperPAC. Was trying to state the obvious: we have no control over their activities."

The hashtag isn't getting much traction so far, despite the RNC's promotion in a Tumblr post.