A single video clip containing Romney’s remark that "47 percent" of voters are "dependent on government” earned 1.8 million views on YouTube overnight and has generated a controversy that drove the news cycle on Tuesday.

In contrast, Mashable points out that the most popular video posted by the Romney campaign, its “Fine?” ad from June, has 1.3 million views.

The video, taken at a private fundraiser in Florida in May and posted by Mother Jones on Monday night, was split up into multiple clips before being posted full-length later on Tuesday. The combined view count of some 130 separate video clips adds up to 2.4 million views, according to a count by Visible Measures, an independent third-party measurement firm.

The reaction on social media has not been kind to Romney in the wake of the videos' release.

President Obama’s campaign immediately pounced on the comments. Obama hammered Romney on the topic all day Tuesday, as did his aides and the Democratic National Committee.

In addition, the critical hashtags #RomneyEncore and #47percent continued trending nationwide well into the afternoon, an indication that this political controversy might not blow over as quickly as others in the past.

Obama’s campaign showed no signs of dropping the topic. Romney appeared on Fox News for his first interview responding to the event later in the afternoon, even as his campaign sought to refashion the debate into whether Obama believes in “redistribution of wealth.”

Online, it seems the so-called "secret video" is already blowing past Clint Eastwood's speech to the Republican National Convention last month as a distraction from Romney's own campaign plan.