It is the latest example of the campaign deploying the first lady to reach out to niche female-centric communities online, following a video “chat” with moms and a guest writing stint at BlogHer and iVillage.

“The election is coming up, and there’s so much at stake for women this fall,” the first lady says in the video posted at POPSUGAR. "In this election, our votes will determine whether our kids will be able to attend college without a mountain of debt, whether we will keep fighting for equal pay in the workplace, and whether women will be able to make our own decisions about our bodies and on healthcare.

“I'm proud to be married to a man who has stood up for women on all of these issues, and this fall I'm going to encourage every woman that I know to have his back like he's had ours."

From Sept. 18 to Oct. 12, the POPSUGAR audience can submit questions for Obama through social media, using Facebook or the Twitter hashtag #popsugar2012, or on the website