The new promotion follows a day of heated debate over a game-deciding call during Monday Night Football. Referees, who were replacing the unions referees during an NFL union lockout, ruled Seattle had completed a Hail Mary touchdown pass, resulting in a win for the Seattle Seahawks, 14-12. The NFL said Tuesday that the ruling was final, despite plenty of high-profile sports fans -- many of whom claimed the interception was clear -- weighing in to dispute it. 

On Tuesday, the NRCC began promoting a graphic using a photo from the disputed play and this text: "Congrats, Obama! You're now the second worst person at doing their job!"

Out on the campaign trail, GOP vice presidential candidate Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanPolitical figures pay tribute to Charles Krauthammer House approves five-year farm bill House postpones vote on compromise immigration bill MORE began comparing Obama to the refs as well.

“You guys watch that Packer game last night?” Ryan, a Packers fan, said on Tuesday in Ohio. “I mean give me a break. It’s time to get the real refs, and it reminds me of President Obama and the economy. If you can't get it right, it's time to get out.”

For the Romney campaign, the referee talk is a new spin on a metaphor of the president's role in a country-wide football game. It seems the Romney campaign thinks Obama is playing both coach and referee.

Shortly after the Republican National Convention, corresponding with the start of football season, Mitt Romney began describing Obama as a "coach" in need of replacing this November.

"Let me tell you, if you have a coach that's 0-23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. It’s time for America to see a winning season again and we're going to bring it to them,” Romney said earlier this month, referring to the 23 million the GOP nominee says are unemployed or have stopped looking for work.

Obama on Tuesday addressed the referee controversy by urging the NFL and the NFL Referees Association to come to an agreement for the sake of "fans on both sides of the aisle."

The NRCC also changed their Facebook header to fit the new sports focus, and the committee is urging followers to sign their "replace the ref" petition.