On the campaign trail, Romney is as well known for her Welsh cakes as Mitt Romney is for his peanut butter and honey sandwiches. She sometimes makes huge batches of them to pass out to supporters and reporters traveling on the campaign plane.

Now, “[y]ou too can make [Ann Romney’s] famous Welsh cakes!” tweeted Sarah Haley, Romney’s press secretary, on Thursday. She included a photo of Romney’s own recipe card that reads: "From the kitchen of Ann Romney."

The recipe for the Welsh cakes is adopted from Romney’s grandmother, although Romney has said she's tweaked it. Romney is the granddaughter of a Welsh coal miner, something she speaks about often on the campaign trail. During the Olympics in London, she took a news crew with her to Wales for an interview staged at a Welsh pub to highlight her roots.

The recipe tweeted on Thursday is detailed and clearly made for sharing, a trait shared with other recipes Romney has shared such as the recipe for M&M Cookies she submitted to Family Circle magazine’s Presidential Bake-off contest.

Garrett Jackson, Romney’s personal assistant, tweeted a photo of Romney at the skillet making her signature treat last month.