LivingSocial, an online discount deal company, announced on Thursday that it would pay a $29,000 deposit to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to secure an extra hour of service for any Nationals games that run late.

The deal will cover the entire postseason, according to a press release from WMATA. Many of those games start later in the evening or occur on weeknights, when WMATA stops running at midnight. When games run late, fans have complained of being stranded at the ballpark. 

With the Nationals becoming the first Washington baseball team to reach the postseason Major League Baseball playoffs in 79 years, WMATA's inability to extend its service without additional funding stimulated contentious debate for weeks among baseball fans in the area.

WMATA requires a deposit guaranteeing its costs to stay open later than normal, and will reimburse any portion of the deposit covered by riders who actually use the service during the extended period. The deposit underwrites "at least one hour and up to two hours of extended Metrorail service for all rides originating from Navy Yard-Ballpark station after home evening post-season games in October and November," according to WMATA.