A recent Pew Research study found that Obama's team is producing nearly four times more content on social networks than Romney's team, which could dilute the president's engagement rate. 

Romney's digital team often stresses it is focused more on engagement than quantity of content, often touting its high numbers on Facebook's "people talking about" Romney metric. 

The engagement metric takes into account comments, likes and shares. But Socialbakers found that overall, Obama's posts are still shared three times as often as Romney's on Facebook, meaning they are likely seen by more people. 

Although Obama has a wider fanbase on the two influential networks, Romney — who has a lot of room to grow — is gaining new fans and followers at a quicker rate. 

Data was collected between the beginning of May and Sept. 19.

The social media analytics company also found that Romney tends to talk a lot about Obama on both Facebook and Twitter: Romney’s most common words on Twitter are “Barack” and “Obama,” whereas Obama’s most common words on Twitter are “President” and “Retweet.”

And Obama is re-tweeted often. His most popular recent tweet was his response to Clint Eastwood's GOP convention speech. That tweet got more than 60,000 re-tweets, compared to Romney's most popular recent tweet his announcement of Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanGOP leaders pitch children's health funding in plan to avert shutdown Lawmakers see shutdown’s odds rising Fix what we’ve got and make Medicare right this year MORE as his running mate — with more than 11,000.

Romney's team might be more focused on Facebook than Twitter, though. Socialbakers data reports that Romney's engagement rate is 18 times higher on Facebook than on Twitter. Romney tweets an average of 1.7 times a day compared to Obama's 14.4 times a day to a follower count almost 10 times that of Romney.


Infographic courtesy of Socialbakers.