Fluke stepped up online to defend Stacey Dash, an actress best known for her role in 1995's "Clueless," after she made it clear over the weekend that she thinks people should vote for Romney. 

"Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future," Dash tweeted on Sunday.

Dash quickly became the target of attacks for her pro-Romney support, prompting Fluke on Monday evening to tweet her support for Dash's right to her opinion.

"Disagree politically, but #racist attacks are unacceptable," Fluke tweeted.

Fluke, who garnered national attention earlier this year when conservative radio pundit Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut" for advocating mandatory birth control insurance, has become a go-to person for the Obama campaign. She even spoke at the Democratic National Convention last month.

Dash more recently appeared on the TV shows "The Game" and "Single Ladies" but is best known for her role as Dee, best friend to Alicia Silverstone's character in "Clueless."