"He said thank you so much for your support, and that I was brave, and that they support me. I thought that was just so generous, and kind, you know? Lovely, really," Dash told CNN's Piers Morgan on Tuesday night.

Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman and Romney's running mate, tweeted on Tuesday evening that they had "a great conversation."

Dash, the actress best known for her role in the 1995 film "Clueless," over the weekend urged her Twitter followers to vote for Romney.

Dash, who voted for President Obama in 2008, said she changed her mind "because of the state of the country, and I want the next four years to be different."

"I chose him not by the color of his skin but the content of his character," she said. 

But Dash faced harsh criticism online, much of it commenting on the color of her skin in relation to her politics, which prompted several Obama supporters -- including Sandra Fluke in a tweet and Whoopi Goldberg on "The View" -- to step forward in her defense, although other big names expressed dismay.

"Wait, did Stacey Dash Really endorse Romney today?! REALLY????! Is she CRA...........??!" Samuel L. Jackson tweeted.

"I really don't understand the fury," Dash told Morgan. "I was shocked, saddened. Not angry. Saddened and really shocked. But you know what, you can't expect everyone to agree with you."

She also denied that she felt "offended" by the pushback. Many of the responses on Twitter were racially tinged. 

"People are going to have their own opinion, and that's the point," she said. "We're all entitled to our own opinion. I used my platform to exercise my First Amendment right as an American citizen to say who I am going to vote for."