The Obama campaign early on Thursday announced that they would be tweeting responses to the evening's vice presidential debate from a new Twitter account: @OFAdebates. 

But that account did not exist. Then, shortly after 9 a.m. eastern, an anonymous Twitter user reserved the account @OFAdebates, using a photo of Macaulay Culkin from the movie "Home Alone" as avatar, with the location set as "Not Chicago," an obvious dig at Obama's Chicago-based campaign team.

An hour later, the account appeared to be safely back under the control of the Obama campaign, with an OFA avatar and website.

A link in the email from the Obama campaign had also directed media to the campaign's existing Truth Team account, despite the announcement that all three of the remaining debates would be live-tweeted from @OFAdebates. 

Mitt Romney's campaign, similarly, announced they would dedicate their existing Twitter account @RomneyResponse to responding to the debates, starting with the first presidential debate last week, but did not set up a new account. 

The email from the Obama campaign reads:

OFA is also announcing a special Twitter handle – @OFAdebates – that will be used to fact check and respond to Congressman Ryan’s statements in real time, as well as Mitt Romney’s in the last two presidential debates. Followers of the campaign’s existing @TruthTeam2012 account will automatically receive tweets from @OFAdebates. Go to to follow.

Twitter does not comment on individual accounts, for privacy reasons, and the Obama campaign did not clarify when asked to respond.

Updated at 10:23 a.m.