About 15 percent of debate viewers last week watched or shared reactions live online, according to a Pew poll released Thursday. For viewers under 40, that number jumped to 32 percent. A majority of that age group also followed debate coverage online, including through social networks, the survey said.
But the first presidential debate prompted more than 10 million tweets, making it impossible to keep track of everything, much less find the most interesting online comments. Twitter is hosting an Event page focused around the hashtag #debates, which will help slow down the Twitter stream somewhat.

But to ensure a balance of the five types of essential tweets to follow on Thursday night, start a list and follow the accounts below.

1. President Obama’s campaign
Team Obama set up a dedicated Twitter account for this debate @OFAdebates, where they plan to “fact check and respond to Congressman Ryan's statements in real time,” according to the campaign. The same tweets will be mirrored at their existing account @TruthTeam2012.

2. Mitt Romney’s campaign
Team Romney will continue the online strategy that worked well for them last week during the first presidential debate. They will tweet from @RomneyResponse, post on their rapid response Tumblr, and also maintain a site dedicated to the debates at, where the campaign has also provided a list of all of the Team Romney members available on Twitter.

3. Commentary
Some of the sharpest commentary during the last debate came not from the pundits but from celebrities such as Rob Lowe and Michael Moore. But when it comes to gauging likely post-debate spin, prolific tweeters on the conservative side should include Karl Rove at @KarlRove and Red State’s Erick Erickson @EWErickson. On the progressive side, watch MSNBC host Krystal Ball @KrystalBall1 and Bill Maher @BillMaher, who has already promised to live-tweet Thursday’s debate.

4. Fact checkers
Most nonpartisan fact checkers don’t have the resources to live-tweet the debate, but PolitiFact is giving it a shot @politifact, as is in cooperation with MTV’s @mtvpowerof12.

5. Jokesters
Satirical newspaper The Onion announced “Biden will be taking over @OnionPolitics and will live-tweet his debate with Paul RyanPaul Davis RyanDon't let them fool you — Republicans love regulation, too Senate harassment bill runs into opposition from House The Hill's Morning Report — Sponsored by PhRMA — The art of walking away from the deal MORE.” That puts a fresh spin on The Onion’s previous live coverage. The newspaper also live-tweeted last week’s debate, joining Comedy Central’s active @Indecision account in defining real-time parody of the debate.

Honorable mention: Twitter’s team
Twitter will have a small team on the ground at this debate, just as they did last week in Denver, when the volume of tweets sent about the debate set a new Twitter record for political events. The Twitter Politics & Government team will be analyzing data into the small hours of the morning after the debate to find out which moments prompted traffic highs, but will also share real-time insight into the ongoing conversation @gov.