Ryan prepared early in the day with a "pep talk from one of my most trusted advisors," according to a tweet: His son, Sam.

Biden's account tweeted a photo from the faux set where he was getting in a last practice round ahead of the debate.

Both campaigns were ramping up their presence online ahead of the debate. Although neither campaign bought a national trending topic on Thursday, the Romney campaign promoted Paul Ryan tweets in searches for both the VP candidates names and for "debates" on Twitter. 

Democrats and Democratic committees were showing their support for Biden on Facebook. The Democratic Governors Association suggested their social media followers sign a digital card telling Biden to, "Go get 'em Joe."

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee had a separate card reading, "Give ‘em hell, Joe!" in keeping with the Obama campaign's suggestion that Biden would get aggressive this week, in contrast to the president during last Wednesday's first presidential debate.