The chairman of the House Oversight Committee showed a softer side as he answered constituent questions through a social media Q&A. 

Over the past few weeks, Issa and his team has been encouraging constituents of California’s 49th District, and other followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook, to pose questions on his Facebook page. Most of the questions that individuals asked were political in nature, some positive and some critical, but on Wednesday Issa answered questions with a more personal slant. Issa answered several of those questions on Facebook and previewed them on Twitter.

Among other questions, Issa was asked to name his favorite Founding Father, his surprising musical tastes and his ultimate dinner guests. As it turns out, the congressman looks up to George Washington, has an ear for Beyonce and would love to have Ike, JFK and LBJ over for dinner— along with Clinton to mix it up a little.

Issa also showed off his techie side on his answer to a question about his name.

The rest of the answers will be posted on Issa's Facebook page on Thursday.