Both apps are geared toward reminding Facebook users that the election is looming, and ought to help reinforce the social network’s goal of social voting.

Using either app means allowing the campaign to see information that user has submitted to Facebook. This type of voluntary data collection through social media has become a goldmine for political campaigns this year.

According to Facebook
, Romney's "Commit to Mitt" app encourages users to post on friends’ timelines or send private messages to friends that live in battleground states, likely to encourage them to vote — and vote for Romney.

Obama's "Commit to Vote" app helps point users to voter registration tools and share that commitment on their Facebook timelines. Facebook has its own “I’m voting” app, as well.

Expect both campaigns to use social media extensively in the last two weeks before the election, as they fight to get out the vote and push early voting, especially in battleground states. Facebook and Twitter will also likely be full of reminders to vote on Election Day itself.