The campaign Wednesday on Facebook is advertising a set of red, white and blue bracelets in the official campaign store that read "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, America Can't Lose!"

Romney occasionally wears the plastic bracelets himself on the campaign trail.

Peter Berg, the producer, director and a writer for the former NBC show, earlier this month asked the Romney campaign to stop using the phrase "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!" after the campaign began using it regularly on banners and in a cover photo on the candidate’s Facebook page. Berg came up with the phrase, which was popularized by the TV show’s lead character Coach Taylor.

"Your politics and campaign are clearly not aligned with the themes we portrayed in our series," Berg wrote to the Romney campaign. “Please come up with your own campaign slogan."

The phrase is not trademarked, and it is typically acceptable use to quote a piece of copyrighted material such as a TV script.

Berg’s cousin Buzz Bissinger, the author of the nonfiction book that is the source material for the show, actually supports Romney. Bissinger publicly chided Berg for what he called an “uninformed and offensive" letter and for claiming to speak for “Friday Night Lights.”

"I love Pete but he is being childish and petulant," Bissinger told The Hollywood Reporter. "He should be flattered that Romney is honoring his show. Obama tried to use the slogan as well but unsurprisingly was ineffective in getting the message across."

Obama’s campaign posted a popular tweet last May that included a photo of the president tossing a football at Soldier Field in Chicago with the words "Clear eyes, full hearts."

The Romney campaign has since switched out its Facebook banner for one that does not include the catchphrase, but recent emails from the campaign have used the phrase.