Chrysler vice president of product design Ralph Gilles on Thursday told Trump "you are full of s---” after Trump repeated a claim previously made by Mitt Romney’s campaign that Chrysler has denied.

“Gilles of Chrysler should focus on design rather than filthy language--not very professional,” Trump tweeted Friday.

A new Romney ad at the beginning of the week claimed that Chrysler planned to move production of its Jeep brand to China. The ad is part of an Ohio-based attack on the president’s failure to “save” the auto industry.

“Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy, and sold Chrysler to Italians who are going to build Jeeps in China. Mitt Romney will fight for every American job,” the ad claimed.

President Obama's campaign released two ads in Ohio and Michigan countering Romney’s claim as a “lie,” and both Chrysler and General Motors have released statements denying the claim.

Chrysler said they are considering opening a plant in China to build Jeeps for Chinese customers only and have no plans to move U.S. auto manufacturing out of the country.

And General Motors also criticized Romney as well, defending their company’s “record of creating jobs in the U.S. and repatriating profits back to this country.”

The Romney campaign argues that the fact auto companies are expanding production overseas is proof that the federal bailout of GM and Chrysler has not been as successful as Obama claims.

Trump doubled down on his own claims, tweeting: “Watch Chrysler move Jeep jobs to China after the election.”

"[A]s a business man you should understand the concept of localization," Gilles tweeted in response. "BTW We're expanding our Toledo Jeep plant!"

Updated at 3:36 p.m.