Monday is the final day to vote early in many states, warns a tweet sent out by Obama's and the first lady's Twitter accounts.

Election Day is Tuesday, but Twitter is buzzing about it already. Team Obama is promoting the hashtag #Forward nationwide. That hashtag will sit at the top of the 10 trends all day. But hashtags such as #Election2012 and high-use terms such as Election Day are also seeing a lot of action on Monday morning. The Republican National Committee is promoting a video clip of Mitt Romney speaking at the second presidential election to the top of the #Election2012 and #ElectionDay topics.

And Romney's campaign is promoting their own message at the top of another trending conversation on Twitter, albeit one not directly related to the campaign: "5th of November."

That hashtag is a reference to Guy Fawkes, who plotted the failed Gunpowder Plot to explode Westminster Palace on Nov. 5, 1605.