Weiner, who represented parts of Brooklyn and Queens in Congress, tweeted a link to a short documentary about the Queens neighborhood of the Rockaways, which is still struggling to recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Although as a congressman Weiner was known for sending his own tweets and often using sarcastic hashtags, the tweet does not include any commentary. It is just a link to the video on YouTube.

Weiner's last tweet was June 1, 2011, just days before a scandal engulfed Weiner after a lewd picture was posted on his Twitter account. Although Weiner originally claimed his account was hacked, he later admitted the tweet, and photo, were meant to be a direct message. Weiner, who was and still is married to top State Department aide Huma Abedin, resigned from Congress after he admitted to sending similar messages and revealing photos to multiple women over the Internet and via phone.

Weiner appeared with his wife and new son in People magazine earlier this year, and did a round of local interviews about the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act. But he denies that he has plans for a political comeback and has mostly stayed under the radar since resigning from office.

“I still have regrets,” Weiner said in a radio interview in June. “I paid a very high price, but I’m still committed to the same things I was. I have a 6-month-old that I have to go and feed now, so I have to say my life is filled with great joy, but as I said when I resigned, I feel great regret for the people I let down."

The documentary he tweeted is meant to draw attention to the Rockaways, where many people are still living without power following the hurricane that struck lower New York more than a week ago. It was made by Brooklyn-based documentary filmmakers Alex Braverman and Poppy de Villeneuve and has also been shared by singer Adam Levine.