The Florida senator, who many believe will seek the 2016 presidential nomination, raised some eyebrows with his detailed critique of rap music during the interview. Rubio said he "came of age" during hip-hop's golden era in the 1990s, and said he enjoyed artists whose music he found insightful.

"The only guy that speaks at any sort of depth is, in my mind, Eminem. He's a guy that does music, that talks about the struggles of addiction and before that violence, with growing up in a broken family, not being a good enough father," Rubio says.

Rubio also said he was encouraged that hip hop had gone more mainstream.

"Hip Hop's 30 years old now and it's crossed over and sort of become indistinguishable from pop music in general," Rubio said. "You know, many people say Nicki Minaj is a rapper, but she's also a singer. Kanye's another guy who's also a rapper, but his songs aren't pure rap anymore."