As a senator, Kerry cannot do much about the nearly three-month labor dispute, but a Twitter follower — and likely fellow hockey fan — asked him for help anyway, prompting Kerry's response on Thursday. 

Kerry, a longtime amateur player, might not get a call from the NHL anytime soon, but he does have some credibility in the rink. In January, he showed up at a White House event with two black eyes and a broken nose after getting hit in the face by a hockey stick wielded during an otherwise friendly game over the holidays. 

Hockey fan Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) was less sanguine about the NHL lockout earlier this week, when he warned that the NHL and the players union — much like lawmakers in Washington — need to "come to the table soon ready for serious negotiation."

"#NHLlockout bad for fans but really hurts local #SmallBiz that depend on gameday revenue to meet their bottom line," Quigley tweeted on Tuesday.