NRCC revives Obama's fictional 'Julia' to mock DCCC

In May, Obama’s campaign launched a website called "The Life of Julia" intended to persuade female voters by illustrating how the president's policies might aid a woman at different stages of her life, from ages 3 to 67.

Conservatives, including GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, roundly mocked the illustration last year. At the time, Rep. Paul RyanPaul RyanClinton maps out first 100 days Why a bill about catfish will show whether Ryan's serious about regulatory reform Trump is right about one thing MORE (R-Wis.), who would later become the GOP vice presidential nominee, said the website “suggests that this woman can’t go anywhere in life without Barack ObamaBarack ObamaThe youth vote—a unicorn worth hunting in 2016 Instead of being bold, Clinton errs in picking Kaine Washington Post: Trump is a 'unique and present danger' MORE’s government-centered society. It’s kind of demeaning to her.”

“The Real Julia has been crushed by the Democrats’ failed policies, and she’s not alone,” the NRCC said in a blog post. “The bad news for the DCCC is that this is a perfect illustration of the desperation Obama’s economy has placed on Americans looking for work.”

The “real” Julia’s resume includes her “unemployment background,” with entries that include “ObamaCare kills my job — March 2012-present” and “The stimulus that never happened — January 2009-2010.”

A source at the DCCC said the NRCC party crashers never entered the building or dropped off the fake resumes, although according to NRCC photos, some posed outside.

"Thanks to Democrats' failed economic policies, the line was too damn long to wait around to fully humiliate the DCCC," explained a NRCC spokesman.

The DCCC and NRCC have been trading shots this week in honor of the newly convened 113th Congress. The NRCC sent 10 potentially vulnerable House Democrats a fake "retirement package" brochure on Thursday, and the DCCC on the same day sent new House Republicans a “Tea Party membership card” that entitled them to such made-up membership rights as the “authority to create and/or ignore any national crisis."

Updated at 5:33 p.m.

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