That's an unusual percentage for Twitter, where criticism tends to go viral, but the vast majority of tweets about inauguration on Monday were positive, according to a new analysis reported to The Hill by Crimson Hexagon. 

According to Twitter, 1.1 million tweets were sent about the swearing-in ceremony alone on Monday, and the firm analyzed more than a million of the tweets sent about Inauguration Day for the analysis. 

Around 34 percent of the tweets were comments about performances and speakers, the firm found, with singers Beyoncé and Kelly Clarkson prompting the most tweets. The historical nature of the event earned about 11 percent of the total tweet count, and excitement and pride alone triggered another 34 percent of the tweets sent.


Beyoncé, public transportation in D.C. and the actor Ian Somerhalder — who lost his inauguration ticket early Monday morning — all earned a popular portion of tweets, according to the topical analysis.

Beyoncé was trending again on Tuesday, after reports emerged that her lauded performance of the national anthem during the ceremony was actually not performed live.


Images courtesy Crimson Hexagon and Matter Communications.