Cruz also revealed he had his iPhone out while seated on the Capitol platform during the event Monday, posting a video taken from behind the singer during her performance.

"I wish the outcome of the presidential election had been different," the Republican wrote on his Facebook page. "[I]t was nonetheless an incredible honor to participate in the Constitutional process of the Inauguration."

It still is not clear whether Beyoncé sang the national anthem live or lip-synced to a pre-recorded track during the inauguration on Monday. 

A spokeswoman for the Marine Corps Band initially confirmed that the band's music was prerecorded and that Beyoncé did not sing live on Monday. Another band representative later told media outlets that no one in the band was in a position to assess whether Beyoncé was lip-syncing.

So far, Beyoncé has not commented.

But the singer is officially popular with both parties. Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.) defended her rendition as “a million times better than any of her detractors” earlier on Wednesday.

Rep. Pete King (R-N.Y.) dismissed the controversy when asked about it by New York Magazine on Tuesday.

"Why ruin a good story?" he said. "She did a a [sic] great job singing it and made everybody feel good."

The singer has long been a favorite of President Obama and the first lady. But White House press secretary Jay Carney, asked about the controversy in Wednesday’s press briefing, said Obama has not weighed in on the topic.