The Democratic National Committee chairwoman’s alma mater — the University of Florida Gators — are slated to play the 15th seed Eagles in the Sweet 16 round of the college basketball tournament on Friday night.

The devotion of Wasserman-Schultz, a self-proclaimed “rabid Gators fan,” to her team is well-known. She even donned a pair of “gator glasses” while speaking on the House floor in 2007, an incident ridiculed on "The Daily Show."

Following the news that the two rivals would play against each other, Wasserman-Schultz sent a tweet to Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee executive director and fellow Gators fan Guy Cecil informing him of the match-up.

The previously unknown Eagles received ample attention for their blowout victories over Georgetown and San Diego State last weekend, becoming the lowest seed in tournament history to advance to the Sweet 16.

Before learning of the Eagles' bout with her beloved Gators, Wasserman Schultz diplomatically tweeted that she thought it was “extremely cool” the team was doing so well.