Dem lawmaker apologizes for NCAA ‘Trail of Tears’ tweet

Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa) deleted a tweet from his account that referenced the “Trail of Tears,” and later apologized over Twitter for using the term to trash-talk about the NCAA basketball tournament.

“It’s official. Ohio State is the luckiest team in the tournament. #TrailOfTears,” Braley tweeted after Ohio State edged Iowa State with a last minute shot in a tournament game on Thursday that sent the Buckeyes to the Sweet 16.

On Friday, Braley clarified his intent in a tweeted apology.

More than 100,000 Native Americans were estimated to have died of disease, hunger and war when the U.S. government forced them relocate from their homes in Southeastern portions of the country. The deadly migration was later called the “Trail of Tears.”

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