Lafferty, 27, said she asked Cruz "what would have happened if my mom chose not to do her job on December 14th."

"Things would have turned out a lot different than they did," she continued. "His response was, pretty much that, the legislation that was proposed isn’t going to prevent things like Sandy Hook happening and we need to focus more on penalizing criminals and felons and kind of on the aftermath.”

Lafferty said she was disappointed she couldn't change Cruz's mind.

“I don’t understand why it wouldn’t be common sense, really, to prevent things from happening again instead of just picking up the pieces after, because that’s what I’m dealing with right now," Lafferty said.

Lafferty's social media effort included tweeting a photo of her sister kissing her mother, Dawn Hochspring, on the day of her wedding.

Connecticut Gov. Daniel Malloy, a Democrat, later assisted in the effort, also messaging the lawmakers and urging them to speak with Lafferty.