McCain told the Arizona Republic that until then, he had not been able to work jury duty into his congressional schedule.

“I’ve been unable to do my civic duty,” he said. “Since a lot of citizens inconvenience themselves to serve, there’s no reason for me not to inconvenience myself. You meet nice people, too.”

During that stint, McCain killed time reading the newspaper and playing music on his cellphone. That also seemed to be the plan on Monday, with McCain continuing to tweet news stories from his account.

In 2010, President Obama skipped jury duty after being summoned to a county courthouse in the Chicago suburbs.

UPDATED 2:46 p.m.: McCain later tweeted that he had been picked for the jury.

UPDATED 3:11: McCain was not selected for an initial trial, but could still be picked to be on a jury later in the day.

UPDATED 4:23 p.m.: Later, McCain indicated he had finished jury duty without being selected.