Federal Twitter accounts ranging from the National Archives to NASA went dark on Tuesday morning as the government went into shutdown mode.

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers received furlough notices after Congress failed to agree on a continuing resolution (CR) late Monday night to fund the government.

Those functions deemed non-essential were temporarily halted until Congress and President Obama can come to an agreement — and that included some Twitter accounts. 

The National Archives said the shutdown would prevent it from tweeting. 

The Library of Congress warned that most of its websites would be inaccessible. 

NASA’s Near Earth Objects Program, which tracks potential hazardous asteroids and comets, preemptively said it would hault its Twitter account Monday night if the government shut down.  

It later clarified that astronomers would still be monitoring the skies. 

NASA’s twitter account said it would be back and running as soon as possible.  

The National Zoo said it will reserve its Twitter account for emergencies. 

The State Department used its Twitter account Tuesday morning to advertise what operations were still open.