Maybe Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and ESPN college football analyst Lou Holtz should switch jobs. The Utah Republican will talk about his state's collegiate teams on a Thursday radio show.

Last month, it was rumored that Holtz, who coached Notre Dame in the 1980s, would run for the House as a Republican from Florida.

Hatch tweeted about his radio appearance today:

I will also be appearing on KFAN 1320 AM Sports Radio program with David James and Patrick Kinahan at 9 am MT.

We'll be talking about the upcoming BYU football opener in Dallas against the Oklahoma Sooners.

Also, we'll be talking about the U's opener against Utah State.

The sixth-term senator has already given his input on college football's off-the-field issues. In June, he called for a congressional investigation of the Bowl Championship Series; a computerized ranking system that determines who will play for the national championship.

Hatch argued that the system favored leagues comprised of large, high-profile schools and shuts out smaller schools ftom competing for the championship.

In 2008, the Utah Utes had an undefeated season but were not selected to play in the title match.