A survey released today shows that the only 10 percent of Twitter users have more than 67 people following them on Twitter.

The study shows the wide gap in audience size between the top Twitterers and the rest of the site's user base.

The findings showed that 67 was the minimum number of follwers in order for a Twitterer to be included in the top 10 percent of users surveyed. The median amount of follwers for this group was 143.

Rapleaf, a people information search firm, released its report to the blog TechCrunch today.

The company, which typically tracks data for businesses, used information from their clients customers' Twitter accounts in the study.

Results of the survey also showed the tremendous acceleration of Twitter's popularity over the past several months.

The amount of average follwers of the top 10 percent jumped 126% from March to June and the minimum amount to be included spiked by 109%.

Twitter reached 50 million unique visitors for the first time in its short history in July, according to a separate survey conducted by comScore, a media research firm.