Politicians' widespread use of Twitter has now been well documented, but one Republican lawmaker showed today that he is learning to use some more advanced features on the microblogging site.

Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb.) frequently used hashtags in this tweet, a way to mark topics in a message to share with other Twitter users:

a month of listening to concern over a total #gov't #takeover -- I hope we can meet in D.C. with a better solution for #healthcare #reform.

Twitterers who read Terry's message can click on the tagged words to see other users who have used the same tag.

This is not the first time Terry has written a hashtag, but his widespread use of it in this tweet could indicate that he will tag more posts.

Compare the sixth-term Republicans first tweet to this one from last week:

Read my plan for healthcare reform on my website leeterry.house.gov