Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) is going to have a busy weekend in the kitchen, if her latest tweets are any indication:

clairecmc One meeting this aft in mid-Mo, then with my family watching Tigers on TV at lake. Then back in the kitchen cooking for many tonight.

clairecmc Son's birthday this weekend. Making his favorites, baked ziti, potato casserole, fried get the idea. Nothing healthy.

This isn't the first time McCaskill has tweeted about her culinary endeavors. Here's the Missouri Democrat back in June:

clairecmc Joe and Mom off to the Cards game. Hoping for some noise off the bats today for a change. I'm off to see the Boeing machinists.

clairecmc Then home to make birthday dinner for my brother.All his favorites, legof lamb, spinach lasagna,tomato & mozrlla salad, corn on cob,cake.