A leading Republican lawmaker on healthcare reform on Tuesday said President Barack Obama should look to the "kids table" for fresh ideas on the hot-button issue.

Burgess, who coyly referred to the Republican minority, doesn't believe the president will actually scrap current proposals as some Republicans have suggested he do. But he said that Obama ought to hear out his GOP counterparts.

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Tex.), a top health negotiator on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, also called the president's address to a joint session of Congress tomorrow night a "high-risk" strategy to boost healthcare reform.

The physician-turned-congressman tweeted on Tuesday morning:

All eyes will be on the House tomorrow night. In what I believe to be a high-risk strategy, the president may finally spell out HIS vision.

He certainly cannot simply re-state what has been said before. This has to be what he sees as the concrete path to reform.

My preference would be to hit the reset, or at least the pause, button. It would be great to actually engage the minority and rank and file.

Those of us at the kids table have good ideas as well.

Burgess, who has frequently criticized Democratic health reform plans, first called the president's speech "high-risk" during an interview last week.