Yankees five-time All-Star catcher Jorge Posada has endorsed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) in his campaign seeking a third term. 

Posada's endorsement may help Bloomberg among Yankees fans; the catcher has played with the team his entire career and won three World Series with the Bronx Bombers from 1998 to 2000.

The mayor's office took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce Posada's decision, which came on Tuesday:

Honored to have the support of Yankee's All Star Jorge Posada! #nyc #yankees http://bit.ly/INnvB

"We want him re-elected and I'm a big supprter of him," the catcher said as a news conference Tuesday.

Posada and his wife Laura live in Florida, so they cannot vote for Bloomberg. But the couple backed him anyway.

"We live in Florida, so we unfortunately can't vote for him, but we do endorse him," Laura Posada said.

Bloomberg's Democratic opponent Bill Thompson criticized Bloomberg's many endorsements from local newspapers, New York 1 TV reported.

"Where is the advertising dollars going and how many of those papers have received ads?," he said.