An embattled Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) tweeted a "thank you" video to his more than 10,000 followers on Sunday.

"I'm really grateful to hear from persons on Twitter, Facebook. It means a lot to me," the congressman said in the video. "The overwhelming, encouraging comments -- it's just an honor to represent people who care so much about the truth as I do. And we can make a difference... and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Wilson has every reason to be thankful. His recent new media blitz, including his decision to hire a professional Twitterer, has added about $1 million to his campaign war chest since Wednesday. His remarks, however, have also empowered his chief Democratic opponent, Rob Miller, to raise an impressive $1.2 million in four days. The two candidates are within single digits of each other, a poll revealed last week.

Although many of Wilson's colleagues still want him to apologize to Congress, the South Carolina Republican also said Sunday he would do no such thing. He tweeted that, too, this weekend, and later published a third tweet to thank politicians and pundits who agreed with his decision:

"Just completed Fox News Sunday, Sen.Graham and Bill Kristol were very thoughtful vouching for me. I appreciate overwhelming support, joe"