After hiring new media strategists to tweet for him last week, tweeters on Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-S.C.) account are identifying themselves as separate from the congressman himself.

Wilson enlisted the David All Group, a conservative new media firm, to jump-start his vigorous defense after he heckled the president last week.

The last tweet made on Wilson's feed contained a "[staff]" signature, indicating Wilson did not write it himself:

[staff] President Obama on 60 Minutes: "He apologized afterwards, which I appreciated. I've said so."

Before today, it was unclear who was tweeting for Wilson in lieu of his use of strategists.

After he shouted "you lie'" during President Barack Obama's speech last Wednesday, Wilson faced a slew of criticism from lawmakers in both parties. Some Democratic leaders indicated that the House could vote to condemn Wilson if he does not apologize on the House floor.

Wilson publicly apologized for his comments, but has said that he won't do it again.

Since he has been under siege, Wilson, with the help of All, has stepped up his public relations effort to rescue his image and bolster his reelection effort.

Before the outburst, Wilson was an infrequent tweeter but his account now tweets 10-15 times a day. He tweeted a total of 19 times in August.

The fifth-term Republican has attracted a great deal of attention in the Twitterverse, gaining around 9,000 followers since the president's speech (he had just over 2,000 before).

Wilson was also the most popular topic of conversation on Twitter the night of the speech, and still remains in the top ten "trending topics" on the site.