A day after it was learned he would run for governor, ex-Rep. Rick Lazio (R.N.Y.) created an official Twitter feed for his campaign.

Though Lazio has not officially announced his candidacy, he started using the account on Tuesday.

Lazio will tweet under the handle @ricklazio, which currently has 55 followers. It is unclear if Lazio or his staff will operate the account.

Here are some of Lazio's latest tweets:

Trying this out - will start tweeting more as campaign kicks off! Follow me and please RT.

Thanks to everyone for your support! #tcot

@NYSYR thanks for retweeting. Please spread the word by asking your followers to RT. #tcot

In the last two tweets, Lazio used the #tcot hashtag, which stands for "top conservatives on twitter." Lazio's account has also sent test tweets using two different Twitter applications, which could mean tweets will be made using different devices.

Lazio gained national attention when he ran against Hillary Clinton for Senate in 2000.

UPDATED 4:39 p.m. Lazio said that he is tweeting by himself. His staff shared a picture of Lazio holding a BlackBerry in a separate message (signed "[staff]"):