New York gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio (R) is atwitter about his experiences on New York buses and subway cars, sharing colorful anecdotes about his travails about town.

Lazio, who announced his candidacy last week, has fully embraced Twitter on the campaign trail, frequently tweeting himself about the election and his home life. Some of the former congressman's most amusing tweets have emphasized his use of public transit.

The Republican tweeted over the past week: 

Standing at bus stand. Saw woman who works in neighborhood. Big smile; Big personality. She's promises all Brazilian friends will support.

Running for the bus. Caught it. Sanitation worker yells out: "Lazio! You got my vote, man!" Feels good.

Waiting for subway to Penn Station. Must be 4000 degrees. Crowded platform. Watching people who lose themselves listening to their ipods

Jumped on bus. Bus driver tells guy behind me he has soap on his ear. He says he knows and ignores.

As a congressman from Long Island, Lazio faced now-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2000 Senate race.