McCaskill's cheerleading fail

Claire McCaskill took a strange path to the Senate. Check out the following tweet exchange between Firedoglake's Marcy Wheeler ("emptywheel"), Time's Karen Tumulty, and McCaskill.

emptywheel @clairecmc admits on NPR she probably became a Senator because she wasn't picked as a cheerleader when young. She debated instead.

ktumulty @emptywheel surprised @clairemc couldn't name other fmr cheerldrs in senate: KB Hutch, and at one time, both Miss. senators: Lott & Cochran

emptywheel @ktumulty But didn't she say she FAILED to become cheerleader? Which means she's different from KB, Lott, Cochran, and the Cheer-in-C, Bush.

emptywheel @clairecmc Can you confirm that you NEVER became cheerleader? And so instead became debater and then a Senator? Thx

clairemc @emptywheel No, I was a cheerleader, but didn't make the squad my senior year. That's when I began speech and debate tournaments.

So there you have it. McCaskill was once a cheerleader, but got booted from the team senior year and caught the debate bug. The rest, as they say, is history.

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