Bob McDonnell is making a push to win over Redskins fans, if his campaign's recent online activity is any indication.

Just minutes ago, McDonnell's campaign tweeted a message announcing an online raffle: Send a text message to 46262 ("GOBOB"), and you could see the Skins' next game compliments of the GOP candidate.

Meanwhile, the campaign's official blog posted a McDonnell logo in Redkins's colors, promising more "Redskins themed events" across the state.

And that's not all!

"Random Fact: Did you know Bob’s wife Maureen was a cheerleader for the Redskins?" the blog post asked.

So why the major push for football fans? Well, the bulk of Redskins fans live in the DC suburbs in Northern Virginia, the same region where McDonnell's social conservatism--and Democratic attacks against his controversial graduate school thesis--might cost him votes.