The Congressional Budget Office's score of the Senate Finance Committee's healthcare reform bill is "good news," but lawmakers still need to decide between a public option or co-op, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said on Thursday.

Senate Finance Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley yesterday named the centrist McCaskill as a potential opponent of healthcare reform should a final bill include provisions pushed by liberal Democrats, such as the public health insurance option.

Non-profit, private health insurance providers, or "co-ops" would serve as competitors to other private health insurers. The public option would create a government-run health insurance plan that people could opt to carry.

McCaskill, who has frequently tweeted about the healthcare debate, said today:

CBO says HC bill from Finance is deficit nuetral and will reduce the deficit over time. Good news. Still needs work(public option or coop)

The freshman senators also took some Republicans to task on Twitter. She criticized them for praising the CBO when it scored the House healthcare reform plan as not deficit-neutral, but scoffing at the CBO's positive estimate of the Finance panel's bill. She added that she was fighting more "transparency" in the healthcare debate along with other centrist Democratic senators.