Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), an infrequent Twitterer, used his account on Monday to share a story about his survivalist trip last summer to a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean.

The 46-year-old congressman's tweet is almost as rare as the nature of his week-long trip. Flake subsisted on coconuts and fish he caught himself. He purified his own water, slept in a hammock, and made fire from dry branches.

He tweeted for the only the third time since March:

I spent a week alone on the remote island of Jabonwod. You can read about this experience in the Washington Post -...

The Hill's Christins Wilkie also obtained photos and Flake's travel journal. Flake spent some of his time becoming companions with hermit crabs:

"I picked up a hermit crab, and wrote a #1 on the back of his shell. I repeated this act whenever I felt a bit lonely ... and kept a tally on a tree in the camp. When #12 climbed on my foot and pinched my big toe, ‘he bit me’ was written next to his number."

LATER: "I’ve labeled 102 at this point. I just saw #1 again today. He remains one of my favorites, as is #12, long since forgiven for pinching my toe."

In the Washington Post, Flake, who spent time as a Mormon missionary in Africa before being elected to Congress, described the trip as a childhood dream:

Some dreams come true, others are deferred. Our life's journey took us from Hawaii to Utah to Washington, D.C., to southern Africa and ultimately back to Arizona, where we are happily raising our five children. Along the way I managed to get elected to Congress. I have the best job in the world, but still the islands beckon.