The Democratic National Committee (DNC) today scoffed at the quick name change of Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Michael Steele new blog.

On Tuesday, the GOP rolled out its new website featuring a blog written by Steele entitled" What Up." After facing a Internet mockery, the committee has apparently re-named the blog to "Changing the Game."

The DNC decided to take a lick at the name change on Twitter:

WHAT UP with the changed blog name, @Michael_Steele?!

The DNC, however, did make a slight gaffe, tweeting at Steele's inactive Twitter feed from his days as chairman of the Republican organization GOPAC. Steele has an RNC Twitter account but has not used it.


In a Twitter direct message, the DNC defended their use of the @Michael_Steele account, saying "we'd have tweeted @MichaelSteele if he ever used it."