New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine's (D) campaign took to Twitter to share moments of President Barack Obama's appearance at a campaign event.

Corzine has received much attention from the Obama administration this week; on Monday Vice President Joe Biden also campaigned with the incumbent governor. Obama previously campaigned for Corzine in June ahead of this November's contest.

Corzine's campaign and his Republican opponent Chris Christie's campaign have been very active on Twitter throughout the competitive race.

Here are some tweets from Obama's speech before a crowd at Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in the Garden State: 

Corzine: As we write new chapter in America, I'm proud to stand w Pres Obama in bldg a better future 4 NJ

Pres Obama: I am so proud to be here on behalf of a person commited [sic] to fighting for NJ's future: your gov, my friend, Jon Corzine

Pres Obama: Gov Corzine put the interests of hard-working NJans ahead of the special interests

Pres Obama: These people have a lot of nerve. They got us into this big mess and now are complaining about how quickly we're cleaning it up

During this event, his campaign ignored Christie and independent candidate Chris Daggett, instead focusing on his and Obama's message.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who frequently tweets, also shared a message from the event:

Just had a presidential a hug at FDU. Obama is great 4 coming in 4 @joncorzine & says he intends 2 come back 1 more time to help.