Notice a lot of letters along with off-beat district projects scrolling across Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) Twitter feed the last few days?

That's because the one of the Senate's most voracious opponent of earmark spending has taken to Twitter to share his "Top 10 earmarks of the day" in order to paint them as examples of wasteful outlays. 

While Tuesday's "tweetup" featured examples from the Homeland Security appropriations bill, today's will include examples from the Agriculture appropriations package.

Here are some examples of McCain earmark tweets, which he started sending out on Tuesday. They include a landlocked Coast Guard station and a study for earthquakes in Memphis.

#6. $3.6 million for Coast Guard Operations Systems Center in West Virginia [from Tuesday]

#4. $200,000 to retrofit a college radio station in Athens, OH [from Tuesday]

#1. $325,000 to study seismic activity in Memphis, TN [from Tuesday]

#7. $75,000 to promote “childhood farm safety” in Iowa. [from Thursday]

Though McCain and others have focused on earmarks to eliminate wasteful spending, critics say they only represent a tiny slice of federal spending and that ridding them from legislation would not make a significant impact.