One glance at a map that tracks trends on Twitter by region shows that politics dominates D.C. area tweeting, but does the rest of the nation care?

Trendsmap, a site that keeps tack of "real-time local Twitter trends," shows that D.C. tweeting is consumed with topics such as healthcare reform, Afghanistan, and economic growth.

Terms like "Pelosi," "Democrats," "option," "political," "#healthcare," "unveil," "growth," and "Afghanistan" are among the most popular topics in D.C. today. "Unveil" and "Pelosi" fit together, as the House Speaker released her chamber's healthcare bill today on the Capitol steps. "Growth" likely pertains to positive GDP numbers released today.

But politics does not appear at the top of the list for most Twitter users elsewhere in the country.

"#gophillies" and "yankees" are among the leading topics in Philadelphia and New York, where the Phillies and Yankees are squaring off in the World Series.

In Cincinnati Ohio, the dominating topics are about prolific Twitter user and Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco, Halloween costumes, and H1N1. The public option ("option") garners one top topic.