Two Republicans on Thursday became the latest victims of a "phishing attack" that has inconvenienced a number of Twitter users this week.

Followers of Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio were greeted for a portion of this afternoon by tweets advertising a Web site that sells colon cleansing products. Some subscribers of Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp's Twitter feed similarly received direct messages that them to visit a colon cleansing-related Web site.

Both Republican candidates have since addressed the underlying causes of their hacked accounts and warned subscribers not to click on any suspicious links they may have received. But they also poked bit of fun at themselves -- and their unfortunate (yet humorous) situations.

Tweeted Rubio:

I got hacked selling something?Could be worse. They could have written Go Noles or Go Jets as if it was coming from me!

And from Wamp:

Disregard any direct message you get from my acct, we got spammed. Go to to see my real vision for a healthy Tennessee!