Voters and reporters alike have long pressed lawmakers to commit to reading landmark legislation before they vote on it, and this year's healthcare debate is no different.

But for Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), the issue is not whether he's going to read it -- it's how.

Tweeted the lawmaker on Friday:

Carrying home the 1,990 page Pelosi health care bill. I hope US Air won't count it as a 3rd carry on! Lots of reading ahead of me.

Inglis is probably (hopefully) being facetious, considering digital copies of the bill can be found nearly everywhere on the Internet.

But just in case, we consulted US Air's Web site to find out its current luggage rules and rates. The verdict: Inglis is allowed one bag and one personal item, and he would likely have to check the healthcare bill as luggage in order to bring it home this weekend. Worse yet, it'd cost him at least $15 to do it.